Mercurio line of Liberty cast iron radiators

Style: Liberty

Material:100% cast iron

Version: on the ground height 51/70 cm

Finishes: matt or glossy RAL colors and special colors

Also available in electric version


This product is made only to order and made with the utmost care and technology


  • high corrosion resistance

  • high thermal output its unique

  • appearance brings out the character of any room

Included accessories:

  • lockshield valve
  • thermostatic valve



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Our Best Design Proposals:

MERCURIO Liberty cast iron radiators is a radiator model based on cast iron radiators made and popular in France around 1860, a period in which Art Nouveau (or Liberty) was the dominant artistic and philosophical movement.

It has a two-column structure and, despite its relatively small depth, has a high thermal efficiency.

This reproduction is very accurate and one of the most sophisticated on the market.

MERCURIO Liberty cast iron radiators is a very elegant, refined and luxurious radiator.

Its shape, especially in the upper details, is similar to the Tiffany model, which, however, is taller.

Features of MERCURIO Liberty cast iron radiators

There are two heights available: 47 cm | 76 cm

The lower variant is particularly suitable for places where other larger radiators may interfere or not be installed at all.

The available finishes are also varied: from classic gray to refined white, passing through gold, bronze and black with gold details.

Finishes can also be custom made in any Ral color, both matt and glossy.

This heater is also related to its brass valve and lockshield.

The production of MERCURIO Liberty radiators in cast iron is made with a very high quality standard and the radiators are all thoroughly tested before being delivered.

They are made one at a time in casting and tested in water to check for any possible air leaks.


They are then packed in wooden crates, palletized and delivered.

Heating is an art and Mercurio is a range of heaters that are versatile in size and absolutely elegant in finishes.

It is a range of high-end radiators, long-lasting and of the highest construction and aesthetic quality, made with the most modern casting technologies on the market today.

We deliver throughout Europe including the islands.

Production time approximately 4/5 weeks.

Made in Germany

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Why a cast iron radiator?

Cast iron is a ferrous alloy consisting mainly of iron and carbon, obtained by hot reduction of iron ores.

It is not a malleable or malleable material, but it has excellent fusibility at moderate temperatures.

Over the years it has become a reference material in the thermo-sanitary world and in this case in the world of heating, becoming the radiator par excellence.

Cast iron is an alloy with a composition practically identical to steel, but with a high percentage of carbon, which gives it greater hardness and a lower thermal expansion coefficient.

This fundamental characteristic of cast iron, added to a lubricating effect of carbon, makes it suitable for combinations where there are variations in temperature.

For this reason, cast iron has been used for many years in the construction through the fusion of radiators.

In fact, the production process of these Liberty heaters is as interesting as it is fascinating.

The presence of carbon in large quantities also plays a significant anti-rust function.

Here are some of the fundamental characteristics of this material:

  • wear resistance;
  • ductile and easily workable with machine tools;
  • possibility of creating very complex shapes and worked by simple casting;
  • excellent fusibility
  • hardness

These radiators are made of cast iron and are very heavy.

We recommend lifting them in several people and also taking care of their handling.

The radiator is packed in a wooden crate and palletized, it will then be delivered normally 4 weeks from the order.

These radiators are hand finished and quality control is also a time consuming process.


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