Mod Linee Aluminum Radiator

Mod Linee Aluminum Radiator highly customizable in size and colors.

100% Made in Italy

Contains no steel

certificazione caloriferionline

High quality certified



AVAILABLE HEIGHTS: 1200mm / 1400mm / 1600mm / 1800mm / 2000mm (special heights on request)

AVAILABLE WIDTHS: By number of elements (100 mm)


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Our Best Design Proposals:

Mod Linee Aluminum Radiator is highly customizable in size and finishes

Let’s start by saying that our radiators are made of extruded aluminum and do not contain steel.

This prevents rust, mold and possible clogging of the system.

Its timeless shape, combined with superior manufacturing quality, guarantees the right balance between classic aesthetics and modern comfort.

Aesthetically beautiful, it is a simple, refined and above all practical product.

The technology and quality of the radiator make it an object of true Design.

if you combine several pieces of this model you will get a result very similar to the basic aluminum radiator, which you can find by clicking here.

Availability of Mod Linee Aluminum Radiator

This model is also available as:

  • Electric radiator CL 1,
  • Combined radiator CL 1,
  • Electric without resistance,
  • Combi without resistance,
  • A – CL 2 Electric Radiator (normally made for Switzerland and France),
  • Combined radiator Cl 2 (normally made for Switzerland and France),
  • B- Water radiator with single valve arrangement,
  • Horizontal electric radiator.

On request, all the technical data sheets for connections to the electrical or water system as well as the distance between the valve and holder are available.

Customizations are also available for special painted colors or special anodized colors.


For any inquiries please contact us at +39 393 21 21 611 or send an email to

We deliver throughout Europe including the islands.

Production time approximately 4/5 weeks.

Made in Italy.

Additional information

Certificazion EN442

This radiator is compliant with the standards of EN442, therefore we guarantee the quality and performance of this product. EN442 is a European certification that defines production standards for radiators and towel warmers that operate up to temperatures of 120 ° C. This standard outlines the type of pressure test to be performed, the type of steel to be used in the product manufacturing process, and the accuracy of the thermal power to be reported in the descriptions and user manuals. EN442 certification is a Declaration of Performance which confirms that the product has been tested according to manufacturing standards.


2 Years – Manufacturer's Warranty


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