TEMA 3/681 Cast Iron Radiator

TEMA 3/681 Radiator in White Cast Iron Ral 9010

  • delivered assembled
  • Primer of Anticorrosion Fund
  • powder lacquering and baking
  • Thermal yield ΔT 50 ° C: 89.2
  • Wheelbase: 623 mm
  • A Columns

ce EN442-colored

The 4 1/2 “reductions are assembled in the factory before painting, thus ensuring a color perfectly identical to that of the elements.

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Our Best Design Proposals:

TEMA 3/681 Cast Iron Radiator is highly customizable in size.

The Tema cast iron radiator is made with the most modern melting and mechanical technologies such as to guarantee a longer life than any other type of radiator.

Each element is made individually and tested at a pressure of 10.5 bar both before and after mechanical processing, in order to ensure total reliability at operating pressure up to 7 bar.

TEMA 3/681 Cast Iron Radiator was the first front plate radiator made in Italy.

Aesthetically beautiful, it is a simple, refined and above all practical product.

Features of TEMA 3/681 Cast Iron Radiator

The technology and quality of the radiator make it an object of true Design.

Its rational and modern shape has allowed the maximization of the efficiency, marking the right balance between radiant and convective emissions.

Thanks also to the high-thickness cast iron casting, it ensures exceptional comfort that optimizes energy efficiency through a gentle and constant diffusion of heat.

The cast iron structure absorbs traffic noises to ensure absolute tranquility of the rooms.

As a guarantee for the customer, the CE mark is stamped on each element.

We at caloriferionline sell, of the same Tema model and of the same height (681mm), also the 5-column version: click here to see it.


For any inquiries please call us at +39 393 21 21 611 or send an email to info@arredalatuacasa.com

We deliver throughout Italy and Europe.

Production time approximately 4/5 weeks.

Made in Italy

Additional information


cast iron


Bianco Ral 9010


87,5 Cm


9,4 Cm

Thermal output Dt 50 ° C (W)

109.2 per element


20-30 days from the date of purchase


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