730/4 – Panorama Series towel warmer

Fixed towel warmer in 30x30mm square tube

Handcrafted in Italy

TUBE SIZES: 30×30 mm




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730/4 – Panorama Series towel warmer

730/4 – Panorama Series Towel Warmer has now entered not only in our homes but has become a real necessity.

Aesthetically beautiful, it is a refined and above all practical luxury object par excellence.

The fusion of these two components meant that in this sector technology and beauty went hand in hand.

730/4 – Panorama Series towel warmer in addition to the diversity of types and the possibility of customization, there is a wide range of finishes that make it a design object.

Technically this product is made with a big plus (not to be underestimated): it is assembled in brass and does not contain steel in any way.

This avoids many problems that could ruin and clog the system in the long run.

In fact, brass is a material able to keep the inside of the towel warmer clean and without mold.

Rust both inside and outside with this type of welding is also non-existent.

The thing to consider is that a lot of water has to go through these pipes!

As an option, on almost all models, aromatherapy, Svarowsky handles and 24K gold galvanic are available.


Made in Italy


For any changes, please contact us by email info@arredalatuacasa.com

or call us at 393 21 21 611

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