ARSENAL Style valve for cast iron radiators

Manual valve combined with the corresponding lockshield


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This product is made only to order, with the utmost care and the best MADE IN ITALY technologies

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RSENAL is a manual-style valve made with innovative techniques-the best choice for effectively heating your home.

Made entirely in Italy by expert foundries, it is the perfect combination of technological modernity and quality craftsmanship.

It is made in accordance with national and international standards, which guarantee a high level of quality as well as a low environmental impact in manufacturing.

But it is not only responsible for keeping the temperature constant.

Thanks to the round handle, similar to that of the Paris model, it gives any room a touch of refinement and good taste.

Arsenal is rich in decorations and ornaments, allowing it to achieve a certain level of elegance and artistry.

The availability of ARSENAL Style valve

The only finish available for the valve, which can be purchased straight or square, is old brass, i.e. matt vintage brass.

Arsenal is present in the manual variant, and has a matching holder (also visible in the photographs above).

But what does “holder” mean? We are talking about a small but fundamental object for the functioning of a radiator.

In fact, it is responsible for opening or closing the passage of water, and therefore regulating the temperature of an environment.

Refined and elegant, it makes each radiator not only more beautiful to look at, but also more effective and performing, as it helps it manage the heating level better.

We at Calodireonline sell these accessories for radiators in a kit that also includes vent, cap and, if necessary, the fittings that adapt to the different types of system: for iron, copper and multilayer pipes.

For customers who want to combine the valve kit with our cast iron radiators, the price will be highly competitive and, what’s more, our experts will be able to advise you on the best combination.


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