NOTREDAME Style valve for cast iron radiators

Style valves for cast iron radiators

This product is made only to order and made with the utmost care and the best MADE IN ITALY technologies

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NOTREDAME is a manual style valve for cast iron radiators.

It presents a vintage look, although without detailed decoration, and gives the room a retro aesthetic.

Its round handle is very convenient and functional, and resembles the Brass matt model.

In addition to a classy appearance, Notredame also possesses extreme efficiency and can improve the performance of any heating system.

Manufactured in Italy, it goes through a long technological process of advanced automation and craftsmanship before presenting itself finished.

Then it reaches a stage of strict control.

Experienced foundries have created the perfect combination of innovative technology and human skill.

Beauty and innovation thus come together in a product that immediately stands out.

The availability of NOTREDAME style valve for cast iron radiators

There are numerous finishes available for Notredame, which can be purchased straight or square, including brass (as pictured), chrome, nickel, bronze, and iron.

Notredame is featured in the manual variant only.

It has a matching lockshield (also visible in the photographs above), available straight or square and in the same finishes as the valve.

The lockshield is an indispensable item for the operation of a radiator.

It is responsible for regulating the flow of water inside the radiator and, consequently, the temperature of a room.

At Caloriferionline, we sell these radiator accessories within a kit that also includes vent, cap, and, if necessary, fittings to suit different types of systems: for iron, copper, and multilayer pipes.

For customers who want to combine the valve kit with our cast iron radiators, the price will be highly competitive, and what’s more, our experts can advise you on the best combination.


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