VENDOME Style valve for cast iron radiators

Style valves for cast iron radiators

This product is made only to order and made with the utmost care and the best MADE IN ITALY technologies

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Our Best Design Proposals:
VENDOME Style valve for cast iron radiators

Our cast iron radiators take shape and substance when combined with our beautiful style valves.

Depending on the radiator model, our experts can recommend the most contextualized and rationally beautiful valve.

For our customers who purchase radiators, the valves are sold at a highly competitive all-in price.

The kit is obviously sold complete with valve, lockshield, breather and plug.

Depending on your system, we will also send all the correct attachments according to your needs.


We remain at your complete disposal.

The Caloriferionline team

As with all our products, our experts will be at your disposal for further information and explanations.

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